Just a partial showing of whats in stock. If you dont see it just email me. I'll check and send pics.
                                                                   Click on photo to enlarge
1970 Firebird Trans   Am w/elect back         release
  69-72 GTO GP         bucket seats
  69-72 GTO GP         bucket seats
65/6 GP Cat Bonne bucket seats
   62-64 GP Cat         Bonne bucket              seats
65 GTO LeMans dash w/ a/c
  65 GTO LeMans        dash no a/c
69 GTO complete      dash w/ guages
68 GTO LeMans        dash pad
  65 GTO LeMans        dash pad
  63 Cat Bonne           dash pad
    63 Catalina           complete dash
62 Catalina dash
    72 GP dash
72 GP L door panel
65 GTO LeMans dash grab bar aqua
65 GTO LeMans dash grab bar black
65 GTO complete        dash plates             switches
65/6 GTO LeMans stick console top
72 GP R door panel
64/5 GTO LeMans bucket seat trim

62-64 Cat Bonne bucket seat trim
  65 GTO heater            controls
  65 GTO heater          controls a/c
   64/5 LeMans          heater controls
64-67 GTO LeMans     heater duct
67 GTO heater          duct 8 track
69-72 GTO LeMans heater controls a/c
  68 GTO LeMans      heater controls
  66/7 LeMans heater controls a/c
68-72 GTO LeMans    console box
68-72 GTO console     shift bezel
66 LeMans dash
    non a/c
66/7 GTO LeMans kick panels aftrmkt
for a/c

70-72 GTO glove           box
1964-67 Auto
Console bases
   70-72 GTO           underdash plate
70 GTO console door w/ latch
69-72 GTO LeMans steel pillar mldgs
68 GTO LeMans padded pillar mldgs

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Have quite a few radios. Some redone and ready to install.